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Notary Public & Notary Signing Agent Fee Schedule:

Real Estate Loan Document Signing Fees:

$150 - $300 - 1st set of loan documents - HELOC's, VA Loans, Sellers, Purchases, Refinance, and Reverse Mortgage packages etc.

(exact price is to be determined on signing location).

*FedEx and UPS drop offs are included with Loan Signing. We do provide a shipping label.

*Each Loan Package will include a copy for the borrower.

Estate Planning Documents:

$150 - $300 - (for each individual set) fees depending on the number of signers, pages and based on each set

  • Living Trust
  • Power of Attorneys
  • Advanced Medical Directive 

**It is highly recommended to speak with an attorney prior to seeking notarizations on Estate Planning Documents. This service should be advised by an Attorney only.**

General Notary Service Fees:

$15.00 per each Signature per each Document - For All General Notaries:

(The full price will be determined based on the mandatory traveling rate, the total amount of pages to be notarized, and the amount of signatures per page. Example. 2 signers + 2 pages + 35 travel rate = $95 total fee; This example is based on the actual California regulated notarization fee but it does not include any certificates that may also be required) 

The full price will be determined after verbal or written discussing and agreement 

$15 - Per Each Certificates (Acknowledgement, Jurat or Certified Copy of a Power of Attorney)

"The above are Certificates Required by the State of California for Notarizations that do not include the State's Required Wording"

$30 per Deposition + $7 for each administered oath and witness + $7 for the certificate to the deposition 

$15 Immigration Forms (per each set)

Mandatory Traveling Service Fee:

*$35 minimum within 5 miles

*$50 minimum (for each additional 5 miles traveled, exact fee will be determined by location)

​A discount on the traveling fee will be given for 1st "IN OFFICE" Signings.

*Minimum Traveling Fees are still due if signing does not occur for any reason when Notary arrives, or if appointment is cancelled 30 minutes or less prior to scheduled time. Please be sure to cancel within 2 hours of the scheduled appointment.

Structured Settlements:

$75 - $150 - (Depending on number of pages and notarizations)

Vehicle Loan Inspections:

$30 - $40 - Inspection With or Without Photos, Notarize DMV docs, Collection of Title, Ship Loan Documents Back to Lender

Serve Court Documents:

$50 - (Subpoenas / Demand Notices etc. - Fee based on per trip basis)

Additional Fees:

"Wait time" - $25 each half hour wait.

$25 - Additional Printing Fee for larger packages.

$.15 cents - per photocopy

$1 per page - Faxing

Live Scan Fingerprinting:

Our Rolling fee is $35.00

The DOJ & FBI processing fees varies due to the type of employment & Level of service required.

for example: DOJ is $32 & FBI is $17.

For current CA DOJ/FBI fees based on your profession, please go to the following link:

Military Personnel:

Military discount available with a valid military ID. However there is no charge for veteran related issues e.g. (application or claims for pension, allotment, allowance, compensation, insurance), or any other veteran benefit.

We offer services for Nursing/Care Homes, Correctional Facilities, and Hospital visits for an additional charge.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call for quote!


We Accept - Cash / Cash App / PayPal & Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard)

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