The Elite Mobile Notary Services

We Understand Your Business Needs


The Elite Mobile Notary Services now possess the title of an "Ordained Wedding Officiant".

We are able to handle Traditional, Casual and Rush Weddings, by providing you with the most extraordinary customer service. We offer an affordably priced "Elite Wedding Package" which is guaranteed to cover all of your needs.

If you are in need of Ministry and Wedding services, please contact us immediately. We will be enlightened to assist you with creating magical memories of this special day for you and your spouse.


What we include in our exclusive and most desired "Elite" wedding package are all of the essentials needed to have a worry free and successful wedding. We consult you and provide you with pertinent information on many things that you may not have thought of.

Wedding Package:

-Initial Consultation

-Ceremony Planning Rehearsal

-Pre-Ceremony Consultation

-Actual Ceremony

-Documentation Processing & Notarization

-Marriage Certificate Process

-Final Meeting

Package Price: $850

The Elite Wedding Package is specifically priced toward the ministry and required document notarization of the union.

-Wedding Planning




Are not included but are all available for additional service pricing.


$350 + $50 "Minimum" Traveling Fee depending on distance. Includes mobile wedding service,

two marriage certificates and a flower bouquet.   *(Marriage Licenses and Valid ID for each party are required upon arrival of Wedding Officiant)*

Additional Copy of Marriage Certificate:

$35 each